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The worst customer service I have ever experienced

(Topic created on: 08-03-2024 05:49 AM)
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So, in trying to upgrade from the S21 Ultra to a S24+ I pre-ordered (& paid for!!) a device and a couple of additional items (cover, etc.) on the 18th January.  After being told it was shipped and due for deliver on the 25th January I started my journey with Samsung customer service.  Oh, what a ride ...

Anyway, after many phone calls chasing from me (including talking with StarTrack to confirm they never received the package!) my lack of delivery was escalated (about 10 days later).  This followed numerous other phone conversations where I was given no actual updates, i.e. they were courtesy calls to tell me nothing!  This led no-where and after another week I followed up to find out that the escalation had been cancelled!?  It was subsequently raised again and a couple of phone calls later I just received a phone call to inform me that Samsung had lost my delivery (oh, what a surprise) and that I would be receiving a refund (& would receive another call in 2-3 days to tell me when that will be sent).  I inquired as to if I wanted to repurchase the phone what I should do and was told to go online and if the price had changed then ...  Anyway, all I got when asking that was another pointless apology.

So, after being a loyal Samsung user for >10 years I am now looking for an alternative phone.  

I am sorry you had to go through all the trouble.
I really hope that Samsung will rectify their customer service because they have great products and they should live up to it, customer service and delivery wise.
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@WillamJ Sorry  you had a bad experience, customer service definitely fell short.  Whilst some folk do have issues this is not universal though the standards coulds be improved.  However upon searching Startrack are Australian , we are the UK section of the European communities.  Auastralian Community are here if interested 

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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I have experienced the same issues in the UK, Samsung are a shambles