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Samsung phone repair

(Topic created on: 23-08-2023 09:09 AM)
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I wanted to make this post to both complain and enquire about my experience with Samsung repair. I requested a repair for my screen-damaged Samsung S22 Ultra on the 5th of August and the earliest slot they had was on the 15th of August, a week wait but understandable. On the day they informed me via email and SMS that they do not have the parts yet required for the repair due to “shipping delays” and will have to push it to the 23rd of August. Of course, I am upset with this as I need my phone ASAP so I call up customer service and they tell me that they’re simply sorry and the most they can do is give me another number to call to see if they can do it sooner. This makes no sense since the main problem is that they DON’T have the parts yet. But anyways I accept the situation and decide to wait another 8 days. On the 22nd of August, I was informed that the technician will arrive tomorrow between the hours of 08:57-09:57 which is early in the morning so I requested to come in a couple of hours later to work to complete the repair otherwise I will be charged a ridiculous fee. Now comes the day I finally get my phone repaired after roughly 2 weeks of waiting. I get up at 08:15 and lo and behold I receive an email and SMS informing me that they CAN’T complete the repair as the parts still haven’t arrived. Now this is ridiculous, as a customer I have paid very good money for a service yet they keep pushing me back further and further with the same problem. You would assume such a big company would have stock available for their most recent models and provide availability for the correct days.


I would finally like to ask the community what I should do? My rights and if anyone else has had such an experience and their outcome. I honestly love Samsung products but their repair service is appalling.

I would suggest you go to your nearest authorised service centre as they'd be able to do it lot quicker if parts are available and if for whatever reason the phone can't be repaired then they'll offer you alternative resolution whether it's replacement or refund.
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Hi @Y3L 

I totally understand and appreciate how important it is to have our phone's nowadays so having to wait while it's repaired can be frustrating enough ,but then can be compounded by the wait for engineer time and or parts availability. 

When the screen needed replacing on one of my phone's a few years ago I asked the service centre if they had the display which they didn't but did advise which service centre did so I visited that one. 

Also in some regions and areas Samsung offer a Doorstep Repair option which if available to you then you could look at that avenue. 

Hopefully you have a back up phone or a phone that someone in your family or circle of friends can loan you while your waiting. 

I wish you all the best. 

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