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Samsung galaxy s22 ultra ghost touch

(Topic created on: 04-04-2022 10:08 AM)


Ever since I received the latest update (S908BXXU1AVCJ, april) my recently used apps button will automatically activate. For example when I click on a picture on whatsapp it will automatically press the recently used apps button. Same happens when I browse in Chrome. It even happened when I clicked the choose a board drop-down while creating this topic

Edit april 11th

Got a reply from samsung. Turning off the touch sensitivity option and battery saving mode is supposed to temporarily fix (or atleast decrease the frequency that the ghost touch occurs) the issue. Till it gets officially fixed. 

For me the suggestions above did not completely fix the issue it still happens just not as often as before.

Edit april 6th

It seems this problem is being called ghost touch. And more people are experiencing this since the april patch. 

Edit april 4th 13:18h

I turned on the option to switch the navigation buttons so back is left and recently opened apps is right. Now it still happens. But instead of recently opened apps it automatically triggers the back button

Edit april 4th 1337h

When i switch it to gestures it still happens. But now it zooms in instead of going back (so it counts as a click which zooms) because for gestures to work as they are ment to work you have to swipe. 

Does anyone else have this? It doesn't happen all the time. But often enough to annoy me. 

First Poster

Yep, when I'm typing it my return and home button gets presses without me touching it of course so it's pretty annoying when you're typing something and you suddenly get returned to the home screen and everything that you've typed it disappeared