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Roaming Internet Issue S22 ultra 5G

(Topic created on: 19-09-2023 03:56 AM)
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Please help!

my phone is an unlocked S22 ultra 5G that I use with Verizon.

2 years ago, I went to Canada, used a diff phone on verizon and roaming worked

a few months ago i used s22 ultra 5g phone with verizon and i am able to get calls and texts but no internet. it actually shows that it connects to a network (rogers) and that I get 4G LTE but I cannot get online

a few weeks ago I go to mexico and the same thing occurs. it connects to network, i can receive text and call but no internet

hours on the phone with verizon and samsung customer service while I am in mexico trying everything from restart to resetting network settings, you name it, nothing works

Samsung told me to take the phone to a local shop, the shop said they can't do anything.

samsung then tells me to send the phone by mail. I have little hope this would help. 

has anyone experience anything like this? 


BTW the samsung support is an echo chamber so this is my last hope.

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I have the same issue, yesterday my father's Samsung s22 ultra stopped receiving mobile data in the first sim slot. changed it to the second sim slot and I only get 4g mobile data, went to in store to the sim provider and they replaced the sim. Still stuck with the same problem.