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Problems with S22 since update to Android 13 and UI version 5

(Topic created on: 21-11-2022 12:47 PM)
Chuck in MD
First Poster

I have noted the following problems:

Previously, one could have Hulu running on a phone connected to a Chevy via USB with Andriod Auto, with Hulu on the phone and maps on the vehicle's screen.  Since the update, if the phone is first connected to the vehicle and Hulu is launched afterwards, you are warned that Hulu cannot play on the screen.  It appears that the phone now believes that you are trying to send Hulu to the vehicle's screen, rather than playing it on the phone.  The work around that I have found was to start Hulu and the its content prior to connecting the phone to the vehicle.  Once the phone and vehicle are linked, Hulu will stop playing; however, you can restart it on the phone.  If at anytime a call comes in, you will have to disconnect the USB cable, restart Hulu's content, and then plug the phone back in.  You did not have these problems in the previous versions.

The camera now does not work properly when taking pictures of checks using the Pentagon Federal Credit Union's App.  You can take a picture of one side, but when you go to take a picture of the other side, the camera angle suddenly becomes extremely askew, making it impossible to take the second image and complete the transaction.  Once the camera goes askew, and you try to go back to the previous screen, you get a blank screen and the App locks up and has to be restarted.

So far, I have found nothing to like about the latest update, only problems.

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Hold on, are you watch a show whilst driving? And now complaining you can't?