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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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It obviously doesn't help with the problems caused by the multiple credit searches, I too am keen to see what Samsung and Klarna plan to do about that, but by law we have a fourteen day cooling off period on the credit agreements.


Allowing some time for Klarna to drag their feet, not that it should happen, I'll look at cancelling the agreement on Tuesday or Wednesday if Samsung and Klarna still haven't sorted things out by then.


I slept better last night after I was made aware this was an issue Samsung and Klarna knew about, but the stress/anger made the night before a bit rough, which really isn't great.


@sammyh25 , No worries. And understood. The impact on someone's credit rating, and the multiple pending deposits, were the major things I highlighted when I flagged this.

How does one clear credit report of said searches?? As this is now no allowing me to get the phone I want!! 

An email just received from Samsung direct. Are they finally making contact to advise they have sorted things....?




Some hope!

@SteveJWard wrote:

An email just received from Samsung direct. Are they finally making contact to advise they have sorted things....?




Some hope!

Nope...i got this today and am in the same situation. Two deposits taken, one DD confirmation & one credit agreement but no Samsung order number, calling Samsung they dont have a clue, cannot find any order against my email address or mobile number, that was an hour ago....

For those that are worried about multiple pending transactions on their credit card like myself.


I have just spoken to my Credit card provider (Halifax UK) for some clarification. I was informed that although both deposits are shown as pending they are only an advance warning and as such have not actually been requested to transfer funds at this point, unless a request is made within 7-8 days then that transaction will drop off your account and the outstanding balance adjust itself accordingly.


Going forward, I'm guessing that this will enable enough time for Klarna or Samsung to rectify the issues at hand. It is also fair to surmise that if you have not counter signed a credit agreement electronically then the request for funds will likely not happen.


Although stressfull for many it might be worth exercising a little patience, the more complaints for them to handle the longer it will take to rectify and although it will not ease the worry of multiple hard and soft searches upon your credit file we do have the additional backing and support of the Credit card companies as the deposit is over the £100.

Keep an eye on your credit cards, my deposit has gone from pending yesterday and has actually been debited to my account this morning. Not too worried as you can always request a charge back if Klarna/Samsung can't sort things out.

I had same issue, called Klarna as it appears the issue is with them and not with Samsung. They were less than helpful. Said they are aware there is an issue and that headoffice had told them to get the customer to fill in a form and it would be sent to Headoffice to investigate. 


I re-iterated that i am £120 down and have a DD now set up with no order being sent to samsung and all you can say is fill in a form and they will get back to me. Not good enough!


I am now waiting, with no view as to how long or when this will be resolved.

Quick update, all 3 of my pending transactions of £119 have disappeared off my account this afternoon so looks like they've been cancelled. Doesn't really help me though, do I try and order again? Still no communication from klarna or samsung.

Re you sure they just havent gone into a cleared status? When did you pay these three deposiits?

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