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Galaxy S10 Upgrade Program


I've had the email prompting me to login to my upgrade program today to select the S10 model i want to go with.  I fully expect this won't go live until after the launch at 7pm UK time tonight.  However the only web address I can find for the upgrade program comes back with invalid loan number and/or surname when I try to login.  I was just trying to get ahead of the game and check all was working before going for the upgrade later tonight.


Can anyone advise what the correct link is for the UK Galaxy mobile upgrade program?  Can you also check if you get similar errors when trying to login, or is it just me?



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I think your right. Maybe we do actually have to open another one a technically the 1st one gets paid off.


I just got scared and now im in a whole spot of bother saying ive already upgraded. X

Yes, there's always been a deposit as it's a new credit agreement as it's a new purchase.


Sort of wished I didn't buy the IconX (2018) last month now though :winking-face:



Well im stuck now anyway as it says ive alresdy upgraded and wont let me go through it again 

Itbsays im not due upgrade till april can i do amytjany guys to pay it 

Youll have to settle the agreement i think mate

The hoke thing or just till April thanks m8 and how do u do that call close brothwrs

I dont know. Maybe just till april or the whole settlement figure. Best call close bro and ask

could someone perhaps point me to where I can find my loan agreement number?

I've looked at the emails received with the S9 purchase (upgrade program) but unable to get any of them to be accepted this time around for the upgrade?

So managed to order/upgrade but at the end when it showed the order number rit also showed a completely incorrect email address, something like

Do a quick search for Klarna in your inbox, hopefully have a welcome email from January time when they bought out Close Brothers.

At the top of that mail you'll have your loan agreement number.
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