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Note9 Delivery Problems


Hi all!


New here, unfortunately, not coming with fun news.


I placed an order on the 18th September with a confirmed shipping date of the 20th September. The phone was in stock and time of ordering and it let me order no problem!


Kept my eye on it the last few days and the status never changed.


After speaking to 5 different people today, I got through to someone 10 minutes ago on the phone who informed me that the phone is out of stock!

What is going on here? My first Samsung after 10 years with Apple and this garbage?! Not impressed at all.


I'm now being told it will be the 7th October which is a joke.


I can order from sites like Carphone, mobiles, mobilesdirect and get it next day! I thought coming direct would be easy!


@ven23 - I think you are confusing things a bit. store is managed by Samsung (i assume) as it's owned by Samsung.

Samsung Experience Store is not managed by Samsung (not directly I would assume even if it's branded everywhere as Samsung) as they don't own them - I believe Apple are the only ones that own & manage their stores.

Samsung presence in telco/other stores is not managed by Samsung as they don't own them.


The fact that a physical store confirmed they have the product on stock, has nothing to do with not having it anymore - I suspect they all work with stocks - some stocks are higher, some are lower, some sell faster, some sell slower, etc. - which I believe causes this type of situations in which you have put an order which for whatever reason is taking longer to complete, than you going to a physical store that has the product in stock.




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