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Software Processing Issues Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

(Topic created on: 01-05-2021 12:21 AM)
I do love my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra but please Samsung can you resolve the issue with the software processing on night mode as the night mode photos are very grainy with lots of noise and lines in the photos and especially photos taken of the night sky. Please also could you increase the ISO on Pro Mode as the highest it goes to is 3200 but could you develop a Pro Mode and Night Mode which can give crystal clear images of the stars and moon without blurring in the low light and dark night shots as there seems to be lots of blur the higher the ISO. Please could you also make the sensor larger to gather more light like the Xiaomi Mii 2 Ultra and even make the camera photo quality even better on night mode and Pro Mode. Please can you check out the Huawei P40 Pro + and the Mate 40 Pro and the latest Xiaomi Mi 11 ultra and it's sensor and camera system and photo processing software and better it. I'm a passionate fan of Samsung and want to see these improvements and please can you ditch Exynos and have Snapdragon as the USA variant is a superior chip. Also can you improve the video quality on night and day shots. Many thanks Matt K. Torquay. 
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yeah, Samsung is really good,

would you know that top lists on best smartphone camera on Dxomark are using Samsung sensors?


they say, it's always lonely at the top, so Samsung let other brands excel too, for healthy competition 😉


for camera tips, you may see below, or you may view some in Youtube

Your ISO setting determines the image sensor’s sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO, the brighter the photos. However, a higher ISO setting can cause unwanted noise and blocky pixels.


for errors or feedback on Camera, feel free to send those to developers via Members app → send feedback → apps 


the developers would be happy to read your suggestions, experience and feedback is very important to them for improvement









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