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Cracked Note 10+

(Topic created on: 31-03-2020 09:54 PM)
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Let me start off by saying I have always been the biggest fan of Samsung, the type to argue a person down protecting the brand. But ever since I have gotten this note 10+ 5G, it has been nothing but trouble. I traded in my note 8 which I loved for the note 10 thinking like obvious, it would be an upgrade,  but I have had hell ever since and regret it. This is now the second time my phone screen has cracked mysteriously on its own but of course Samsung does not want to hear that. I'm pretty sure there should be some type of recall of their devices for this issue. The first time I had to argue back and forth with customer service, after finally getting fed up I just paid to have the screen repaired. Now this has happened the same way a second time within a month. I shoul . I hate that I have a device I spent $1300 on and its build is so poorly as well samsung will not iwn up to a defect in their device. I work for tmobile in retail and it makes me not want to even sell their products in so upset.

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Hi @SmartphoneChris 


My experience is slightly different to yours.


I upgraded from the Note 9 to the Note 10+ 5G and have had no issues including the display cracking.


I've read quite a few posts here from people who have reported this problem and I in no way discount any of them.


As your aware Samsung would treat instances like these as accidental damage and not covered under the 24 month warranty unless this was happening with a massive % of the Note 10 units which would then warrant a product recall.


Was the display replaced by Samsung  ?


If so then they apply a workmanship warranty i believe onto the repair, and you maybe able to bring that into force and ask for the phone to be inspected


I appreciate your frustrated and unimpressed with this but also I'm sure your professional enough in your line of work to not let your personal experience drive you to push a customer away from a certain product.


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Hi, that sounds not good..
Although I also heard about cracking Phones in the S10 section (Germany).
All of them have repaired their phine without any fees, after showing that lots of other customers have the problem.

Just try it out.
Maybe it helps this time.

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same here broken back aura glass 

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I am having the exact same issue; I am UK based. my screen cracked on mine from the power button upwards from simply pressing it to lock the screen, contacted Samsung and they have treated me like a liar and said there is drop damage! 


I am escalating mine through many different channels.  only had the phone since Christmas never been dropped always in a case with a screen protector on it.  I had the note 8 and loved it. Gave it to my brother who has come from iPhone, and he adores it. Really wishing now I had not changed. I feel like I have been scammed by Samsung.