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Touch issues after One UI 4.1

(Topic created on: 17-04-2022 04:39 PM)
Galaxy A Series

Hey everyone.

Looks like I'm having issues with apps which use "Appear on top" permissions like FB Messenger after the One UI 4.1 update. When I open up a cheat head and then back out of it, the screen doesn't react to the next two touches/swipes/taps. Anywhere I touch/tap/swipe is not reacting except the chat head, if I touch the cheat head it reacts to my touches/taps/swipes. It seems like the screen stays in the "Appear on top" mode even though I'm not using that app in that moment. If I enter some chat by opening up the whole Messenger app and then back out of it completely, I don't have this issue since the app wasn't using the "Appear on top" permissions in that case.
I've also noticed that if I watch a video over YouTube (with that same permission enabled) in fullscreen mode and then exit out of it by clicking the home button, the same thing happens but if I turn of the "Appear on top" permission for the YouTube app the issue stops.

Edit: Looks like turning off "Apper on top" no longer works for Youtube.. 

Edit: I've tried turning on touch sensitivity and it didn't help at all. Also, factory reset would kind of be my last option since I don't have access to my PC for a few days and uploading the large amount of pictures/videos I have on the phone to the cloud would take days with my Internet speed. 

So the things I've tried are: turning on touch sensitivity; clearing cache for both apps I've noticed the issue on; wiping cache partition; reinstalling the apps completely; restarting the phone; turning on/off the permission. 

Any tips on how to fix this?