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Samsung A52s broken display after just small shock.

(Topic created on: 08-04-2022 10:59 AM)
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Hello Samsung, 

I have always been using Samsung after HTC. 
Bought a present A52s for my sister, phone for the price is nice. 

After 2 months of use and not a single drop the phone was kept always in case, the phone got dropped at home in a soft place and screen is all black. 
The phone has no dents or scratches in the frame nor the glass. 

According to the official O2 service repair, there has been mechanical break of the display. 

Now, if the A series will be broken that easy in that short of time then you should not offer that phone in sale, and I am the one who will report everywhere to no one buy those phones anymore. 

My question, is it really not acceptable for a warranty repair ? 

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This unfortunately is one of those situations a lot of us have found ourselves in.
Happened on a few of my different makes of phones sadly.
Sometimes it just gets impacted in a very specific point or angle etc.
Had one phone and I think it was an HTC if I remember.
Just got the slightest knock and the screen failed. I guess similar to what has happened in your case.
Like accidents, you can't forsee every freak situation.
As such if you don't have Samsung Care, then a warranty wouldn't cover this as its not a manufacturing fault that caused the issue.
You could try to escalate it and get a manager involved to see if they can do a goodwill thing.
Phones have such complicated electronics within them. So they will always be susceptible to damage in some way