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Samsung A52 5G - they will not honour a set of free wireless earbuds to me

(Topic created on: 28-09-2021 11:05 PM)

I may not be being reasonable here - I bought a mobile phone a couple of weeks back. a Samsung A52 5G . 

I saw in the shop something about a free offer on selected A series Mobile phones for a set of wireless earbuds . i liked the sound of that , would have come in handy. 

So I got home and searched about these and it said they were available for A52s 5G phones - I had to get in touch with live chat about something else and the lady said "is there anything else I can help you with?" and I said yes I have just bought a A52 5G handset and I was wondering about the free wireless earbud offers and so I said my one is A52 5G handset, what is the difference between the A52 5G handset and a A52s 5G phone and she went off and checked and said there is hardly any difference - The A52s 5G just has a different processor (faster one) and a different graphics chip in it and so I said "I see there is an offer for a set of free wireless earbuds for the A52s 5G but I cannot see the A52 5G listed , can I still avail of the free offer? " - yes you can she says, just get in touch with  and I filled out the form online. 

Next thing I get back is an email saying "your application for the free wireless earbuds was unsuccessful" and the email said that the offer was just for the samsung A52s 5G handset amongst other A and S series Handsets and you have a A52 5G handset so it does not qualify. 

So i then wrote back to  and said that I previously checked with the chat representative before making the claim and she said that I could avail of the offer and sent a copy of the transcript where she said I was eligible for the free offer. 

And then they wrote back and said sorry she gave the wrong information to you! 

what a difference a little 's' makes it seems!  - not very happy about it but i suppose I will just have to suck it up! 

#A52 #A52s #Galaxy #Aseries #offer #earbuds 

I recently purchased the Z Fold 3 for £1700 and Samsung had an offer for free ear buds on the Z Flip 3 which costs £700. I too was disappointed that my purchase wasn't eligible but I had to suck it up and move on, you should too because you've not bought the correct model.
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I totally understand and appreciate that you've made a decision going from the advice given by the Samsung Agent @andy_from_ireland and that's disappointing this has happened and ultimately affected you.

If this had been my situation then part of my initial purchase decision making would have included looking carefully at the promotional Terms and Conditions.

They are specific to what phone models are eligible along with start and end dates for the promotion.

A person in the UK has 28 days as a cooling off period to be able to return a phone for any reason for a refund and potentially create a new purchase for an eligible phone model with said promotional offer if it's still live. I haven't checked on the eligible dates.

The promotion team wouldn't budge on the offer parameters even though it would appear you were given incorrect information. 

You could raise a complaint ticket to see if Samsung would provide a voucher to go towards purchasing the earphones if available on their online shop site !

I wish you all the best with this situation. 

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Thank you @ecosse01 for the link . it seemed the offer though ended in April 2021 and when I just go to claim now it just says offer closed. 

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