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Samsung A51 screen color issue


Sometimes in my Samsung A51 screen color changes and it becomes of different color tone after i unlock my phone through fingerprint unlock. again if i switch of scrren and switch on everything becomes normal. Why so? please assist


Hi @Amrit. Are you referring to the  brightness of your screen? 

Yes, and the color tone of the screen changes. Why so? Is it a bug?

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Yes I'm facing the same issue. Did you solve the issue in your phone? If yes then please help me too.

No not yet. I guess I need to visit service center,due to lockdown I haven't visited yet

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After I updated my samsung a51 the colour of my screen looked alot "grayer" (I suppose this is the same problem you have). But then I looked in the settings and put my "screen mode" from natural > vivid this helped me alot! I hope this might help you too!

I have settings set as vivid,still I face this issue intermittently.  

I did the update before 1 hour i have EXACTLY the same issue. Why Samsung did u do this?

i put the choice at vivid, ok it may seem as before but it is not the same and it is tiring for eyes.

What we must do to have the right color tone again?


Samsung should do something as it is hardware issue, we need our phones to be replaced, it has been just 3months and this issue is hapoening. Samsung needs to change our mobile phones. Not expected this from samsung, without testing how you can release such products. I need a n answer from samsung. @Samsung 

Exactly.  I have a51 only 3 months too. It is clearly hardware issue and this is shameful for just 3 months mobile to must work it with a problematic screen, when Sammy says that feels proud about this rich screen.

Please repair it now. The a51 experience became awful with this new update and harmful for eyes.

So irritated.

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