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RAM Plus retraction -A13

(Topic created on: 09-12-2023 12:54 PM)

I would like to make an apology regarding my misunderstanding of the Samsung A13 4GB RAM phone, with RAM Plus system.

I had somehow got it into my head that it was in fact only a two GB RAM base phone, with a 2GB of virtual RAM tack-on option.
A user named Somebody3, was kind enough to point out to me that four gigabytes is the base RAM on my phone. and the RAM Plus virtual RAM options, are all additions to that base four gigabyte of true RAM. 
If only someone could prove to me, or show me in some way, that my supposed 4G network phone, isn't actually only a LTE network phone (or that there is some way to turn on the VoLTE option) then I would be over the moon with delight 😀
Dear Somebody3, 
You have absolutely made my day. I am now, instead of being a 100% disappointed with my Galaxy A13 phone, I am now only 50% disappointed with it. I had assumed it was only a two gigabyte RAM phone with two gigabytes of virtual RAM tack-on option. 
I now believe that you are absolutely right. I've investigated the details of the various RAM Plus settings, and I'm now convinced that you are correct. 
If only you could prove to me, or show me in some way, that my 4G network phone, isn't actually only a LTE network phone, then I would be over the moon with delight 😀
To misquote a popular phrase 'The Difficult, Somebody3 can Do Immediately. Miracles Take a Little Longer' 
Many Many thanks 👍 😀
On the website it says 4GB and 4g LTE 1702127547471.jpg1702127547491.jpg
Cheers AlexLdn,

It's time for more apologies to Samsung from me.

I've just been talking to the giffgaff community and just received this message:

Hi there,

The issue is that phones will try and use 4G for data, and on giffgaff, it needs to use 2G or 3G for calls (there is no 4G calling on giffgaff, although other networks support this).

The problem is that your phone has to jump between the two when using data while on a call - which sometimes causes issues - this is usually a software issue.

In many cases, updating the phones software solves it, as the software is patched by the manufacturer. If this is not the case, one way to solve it is to switch your phone to 3G only. This will force it to use 3g data, so not have to jump while on a call.


Both my phones use giffgaff Sims, and on both sims it clearly states 4G 3G and 2G. So I assumed that it wasn't Giffgaff.

Background :

I have just noticed that I am unable to make calls and use the internet at the same time.

I first discovered this problem when I was making a call to Amazon, and part of the verification process required me to respond to a text link that Amazon sent me. But I found that I couldn't open the link, and I also found that when I ended the call, I was able to open the link. And in fact, the open phone call with Amazon is what was blocking me from using the Internet to open the URL link in the text.

This is a problem on both my 2022 Samsung Galaxy A13 phone, and my 2018 Huawei Honor 7s phone.
Surprisingly, my newer 2022 phone has only LTE, 3G and 2G network options. Whereas my older 2018 phone has 4G, 3G and 2G. I have read that LTE level option is the very poor relation of 4G.

I originally assumed that my 2022 phone wasn't able to do both (access the internet and make calls at the same time) because it only had LTE level network capability. But I have also found this to be a problem with my 2018 4G network capability phone.