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Is A50 a good phone also?

(Topic created on: 02-11-2019 12:05 AM)
Galaxy A Series

Right so i also checked A50 as its more affordable for me is it any better than s7 edge also??

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Galaxy A Series

I would suggest to check out the various sites that show one phone Vs another @Musik  and it you can pop into a Samsung Store or a Network Store to have a play around with the demo models.


If you look at the Specs the Samsung a50 is a newer model with updated chipset and various other specs and should recieve Os and Security Updates for longer i.e future proof.


Each phone has it's own merits.



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Galaxy A Series

Both the a70 and a50 are more modern in most basic tasks, the a70 having a more powerful CPU and GPU while the a50 has a better CPU but an inferior GPU. However, the main caveat is that the 2019 A series have much worse build quality than the 2017 series or the A8 2018. They now have plastic build, unlike the metal and glass of the S7 and A8 and also do not have water resistance compared to S7 and A8. If you are fine without those features, a50 is fine but if you don't mind staying on android 9  (a50 will get up to android 11) and  want good build  and GPU and IP68 water resistance, I would recommend the S8 as it is at a similar price