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A70 to TV ?


Hi all


My first post


Had my A70 a couple of months now, great phone


I want to connect my A70 to my TV but smart view doesn't work 

I then bought a USB-C to HDMI lead and that does not work either, comes up on my phone as something is connected and it charges , when I click on switch control to phone it will not allow me to do so.

I still have nothing up on my TV


I have also tried my 2019 tablet A , same thing


I have a Samsung TV


Any ideas ?


Hi  @Shiwarrior ,


I will be happy to help. Which TV model do you have? Are both devices connected to the same Wi-Fi when that happens? 


Hi there


thanks for a quick reposonse


both are on the same WI-FI

my TVs model number is : UE40H6700ST


Many Thanks



It's my pleasure @Shiwarrior . Are youa bel to take a look at this guide: and let us know if you are following the steps listed there? If so, can you tell us if you are unable to see any error code or message on the TV or phone when you try to connect them?

Hi, mate!

I understand that you would like to connect your phone to your Samsung TV.
First, please verify if your Samsung TV has a smartview feature.
If yes, please check in your phone if it has a SmartView feature in the system app through Settings> Apps> 3 dot menu (top right)> Show system app and look for Smart view. If your phone does not have a Smart view on the system applications, it only means that your phone does not have this feature since this feature is usually compatible in Galaxy S and Note Series. But sometimes, the SmartView app that can be downloaded on the Google Playstore will work. What you can do is to send a software feedback directly to the Samsung Developers. To send software feedback straight to the Samsung developers, please use the Samsung Members application. If it's not built in on your device, you may download it from Google Playstore. To be able to send feedback on Samsung Members, please open the application, select Support and tap on Send Feedback. This will allow you to ask a question or send an error report.

With regards on the HDMI connection, please be informed that the model you have does not have a MHL feature. It is Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), an industry standard for a mobile audio/video interface that allows you to connect mobile phones, tablets and other portable (CE) devices to your TV by using MHL connector.

Thank you!



When I click on smartview on my phone, my TV is listed, I click on my TV. My TV says it is connecting, but fails to connect




i did try the Screen mirroring app once before too, that didn't work either





Just going through my "Smart Hub" and i clicked on connect to mobile phone, and it says it has Smart View, and tell me how to connect it to my phone (which is what i tried)

so i belive it does


in regards to usb-c to HDMI cable,  I cant just use anyone then?

illl send mine back , do i have to get a samsung official one?


Could something like this work ?


designed with MHL in mind, rather than just a cable



Hi, mate!

I sincerely apologise since Galaxy A70 does not have MHL capability.

ok thanks for letting me know


could it be just my TV ?

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