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Impossible to register a fingerprint on A52 5G. Software issue?

(Topic created on: 04-06-2021 01:20 PM)
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Galaxy A Series

I got my new A52 5G yesterday. I couldn't register a fingerprint so I updated to the latest available firmware (as of today).

Still no luck. Super frustrating!

I can reliably get to register up to 20% (first it goes to 12% then 15% then 18% then 20%). After trying some more,  I get the message:  "Couldn't register your fingerprint" and something about a screen protector (I am not using any though). 


Sometimes I get the message right away after reaching 20% but sometimes I can have many tries until I get the message. I managed twice (out of at least 50 attempts) to get it to 31% (from 20% directly to 31%) but I was not doing anything special.

I have another phone next to me (Xiaomi) and the fingerprint reader works perfectly so I know it does not come from me.

I have checked the internet and it seems quite a frequent issue with Samsung phones on many models. There are a bunch of random "tips" to make it work. Tried a few but still no luck. According to the users in those threads, it seems like a software issue. It is weird that it is still happening with a recent phone like the A52...

Does anyone else have this issue? It is going to get solved? Or should I return it and maybe get another brand?

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Galaxy A Series
Check that there is no fin protection on the screen
Try going settings and remove all instances of fingerprints give screen a good clean and setup fingerprint again try not to use under sunlight when adding fingerprint as biometrics is photo sensitive