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Galaxy A33 5G dual SIM issues

(Topic created on: 08-09-2022 11:13 AM)

Last week I bought a new A33 5G dual SIM. When I got it I set it up with my SIM cards in the following configuration:

- SIM slot 1: my main SIM, which I use for voice and SMS only

- SIM slot 2: my data SIM, which I only use for data

In SIM Manager, I set up SIM1 to be for voice and SMS, and SIM2 to be for mobile data.  The device requires that SIM2 is then set as 5G/LTE/3G/2G, and SIM1 has to be LTE/3G/2G. 


In this config, I could not get SIM1 to register on that SIM"s network, no matter what I did.  The only only way it would register, is if I changed the setting to make SIM1 the mobile data SIM, meaning all services were using SIM1.


However, if I swap the SIM cards around as follows, everything works perfectly:

- SIM slot 1: my data SIM, which I only use for data

- SIM slot 2: my main SIM, which I use for voice and SMS only


In SIM Manager, I set up SIM2 to be for voice and SMS, and SIM1 to be for mobile data.  The device requires that SIM1 is then set as 5G/LTE/3G/2G, and SIM1 has to be LTE/3G/2G. 


The vendor who sold the phone thought this must be a hardware issue, so I returned the device.  A new replacement device arrived today and it is showing exactly the same behavior.


Can anyone either explain to my why this is the case, or confirm if you've had a similar issue? It doesn't make sense to me that it has to work this way, because on the A33 5G both SIM slots are supposed to be identical.  So it feels like this is a software bug, that could be fixed in a software update.  But if it was designed like this on purpose, it just doesn't make sense.  I cannot believe that it's a hardware issue, if 2 new devices have behaved the same way.


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I can only speak for the Samsung phone models I've used that are duel sim @Punter 

I've not used your particular model or know of anyone in my circle of friends,  family or work colleagues who own one I could ask - sorry 😞 

i.e the duel sim Note phone's I've owned and my current Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra and all allowed me to set up how I preffered each sim slot to work in the sim card manager.

I'm wondering if this is somehow being driven by your choice of network sim card i.e one preffering one over the other !

As far as I'm aware there's no reason why Samsung would determine how each slot would work, as there would be no need or requirement for them to do this.

I wish you all the best.Take care.  😎 

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Thanks for your input @BandOfBrothers .  I completely agree, I can't think of a reason why the SIM slots would function differently, so it could be an issue with the SIM cards.  But somehow I doubt that, SIM cards are "dumb" so they shouldn't impact how a device chooses to use them.  I'm still leaning more towards a problem with the device software.


I would love the chance to troubleshoot this with someone from Samsung, so if anyone from the company is watching these forums, or if anyone knows how to get their attention on here, please get in touch.


Did you ever find a solution?

I have the same issue A33 5G East Africa version, dual SIM. I was in Kenya when I bought it. Sim 1 worked with Data in Kenya, but when I returned to my country next door Sim 2 would not work with Data. tried putting my Sim card in either slot - still no data.  Only when I put someone elses sim card in Slot 1 data worked, then I replaced my SIM and it also worked in SIM 1 slot, but in Sim 2 slot I cannot get data to work no matter what I do or what SIM I use.   Why is it SOOO complicated.  Its crazy, I have a 3 year old Xaomi phone that everything works first time, yet I see endless complaints about Samsung especially relating to Data connections - you would think they could sort out such a simple issue by now.  Its just a shame that nobody from Samsung will ever read these complaints.


Unfortunately not, the only "solution" I have is to keep using the SIM cards in the slots where they work, i.e. data SIM in slot 1, voice SIM in slot 2.  I really hoped this would get the attention of someone at Samsung, but it seems not.