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Can't connect mobile to computer via usb-cable

(Topic created on: 30-04-2022 10:39 AM)
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I bought a new Galaxy A51 a while ago. For different reasons I haven't started using it until now. Recently I tried to connect it to my computer to move some files over to the SD-card, only to find it impossible to find the phone on the computer. Normally an allow/deny message would pop up allowing me to choose what kind of access to the phone I wanted, and I would be able to choose the same from the phone. Now I couldn't find anything either on the phone or the computer. I originally thought the cable might be the problem, but not one I tried worked, original or substitute. Then I suspected my usb-port, but my old phone worked, so that wasn't it either. I've tried to move my files now for over a week, trying different things. I refuse to do it wirelessly since the files are quite big and it would take forever, when I know there is a fast option via usb. Finally I realized that it must be the phone itself, so I googled and came across a tutorial that solved the problem for me at last. 

But the steps I had to follow to finally resolve this has made me want to ask Samsung:

On what grounds did you decide to restrict my choice on how I connect my phone to my computer?

You have made it virutually impossible for an ordinary user to find the settings that changes this back to how it used to be. To even get these settings to show up on the main setting page you have to go through a convoluted series of steps:

Select 'settings' --> select 'about phone' --> select 'software information' --> press repetedly on 'build number' and for every time there's some kind of count down going "you are now two steps from becomning a developer", "you are now  one step from becoming a developer", then voila, a new title called  'developer settings' appear on the settings home page.

From there you have to scroll down to find 'default usb configuration' and FINALLY change the settings as you wish. Oh, and restart the phone, because otherwise it won't work for some reason. 

It's good that it is still possible to correct it on the phone. But why make it this hard? For what reason? I personally think it is bs that I should have to work this hard to change a commonly used and appreciated setting, even feeling like I'm moving into some no go area of the phone with red tape all over and a scary count down saying 'I'll become a developer', whatever that is. You do realise that's scary for a normal user, right? And what normal user  would ever come up with the idea to find access to connect settings through the path shown above? Without guidance I never would have found it. 

If this change is based on the assumption that everyone prefers to do things wireless nowadays so the cable option is no longer neccessary other than for charging, then I have some news for you: Some things are still better and faster done via cable, and not having that option easily accessible will not do you any favors with the buyers market, customer satisfaction will plummet. 

I have never been angry with you before, I really like Samsung as a company, but you made me angry this time, because this change is so unwarranted and impractical. Change this back to how it was. There's a  great saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". Please do this so that I and others can go back to liking you as much as before.

Best regards

/A disgruntled Samsung owner

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Did you have Samsung USB drivers installed on your PC so your PC could recognise the phone? This would have saved this hassle.