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Bluetooth not connecting with anything on A8 since latest update


My phone updated on 22/04/2019 and since this date my bluetooth will not connect to anything.


I first tried with my fitbit, a charge 2. It pops up on the screen saying 'connected charge 2' and then 'disconnected charge 2' after about 15-30 seconds. If I try to sync the fitbit through the app a few times, it comes up saying there is a bluetooth issue and to reset bluetooth, but when I press this it doesn't make any difference. I thought it was the fitbit but it won't connect to my satnav either. For this it keeps popping up telling me to put in the password - it then tries to connect and says it can't. 


I spoke to a guy on the live chat who guided me through clearing my cache and data on bluetooth, and reseting all network connections. However nothing seems to work. Any ideas? 

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Same issues with mine. Bluetooth wont scan, wont find ither devices, wont pair with fit bit, wifi drops out, . I sent it away to be repaired. The loan phone is an old J5 and works perfectly. My A8 plus came came back first time with no identifiable issue. Guy in store transferred my phone contents back on, turned on bluetooth wouldnt scan, fot bit wont connect  coukdnt locate other devices. So still not working so back in for a second try at repair

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I too am having the same problem since I had a upgrade on my galaxy a8. If they don't get it fixed i will never purchase a Samsung product again!!!!!!!

They have no intention on fixing the problem I have lost count of how many months ago the issues started 🤨

My wife and I both have A8s that connect fine. By the way, the header of this thread is pretty meaningless  now, I wonder how many updates there have been since it started?

My Phone "connects fine" but bluetooth audio never connects, I have to switch off bluetooth and resync to get it.

It's puzzling but if your updates are the same as ours, it must be something other than the Samsung software.

I must say it was very convenient that the problems started straight after a Update, and also on a phone which has had no third party apps downloaded since I set it up 😏

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Same here but my bluetooth was working fine a few days ago and I have the contact us in my settings still foesnt help me though now does it?
Mines the same. Disappointed it's not fixed yet after 9 mths

Do you have all the updates? My wife and I can connect to devices via. Bluetooth.

I wonder if it's an app causing the problems.

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