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Bluetooth not connecting with anything on A8 since latest update


My phone updated on 22/04/2019 and since this date my bluetooth will not connect to anything.


I first tried with my fitbit, a charge 2. It pops up on the screen saying 'connected charge 2' and then 'disconnected charge 2' after about 15-30 seconds. If I try to sync the fitbit through the app a few times, it comes up saying there is a bluetooth issue and to reset bluetooth, but when I press this it doesn't make any difference. I thought it was the fitbit but it won't connect to my satnav either. For this it keeps popping up telling me to put in the password - it then tries to connect and says it can't. 


I spoke to a guy on the live chat who guided me through clearing my cache and data on bluetooth, and reseting all network connections. However nothing seems to work. Any ideas? 

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I must admit I have given up. I contacted my phone service provider, had a right go about this as I was not long into a new  contact and threatened to escalate my complaint. I obviously got the right person because I was allowed out of my contract, chose a new phone a S9 at no extra cost and renewed again. Interestingly they didn't want my A8 back at all.......



I have logged this with Samsung with the method suggested. I got a reply back saying I should check the tracker devices Bluetooth settings and giving me steps on how to connect devices to Bluetooth. I only have an option now to call them back. no email or any other means of reply. 


I have obviously tried all means of connecting, and I was sent a replacement tracker device. Still, I cannot pair it with my Samsung A8 after the android update. so the fault has to be at Samsung, as all the other comments in this post suggest.

For those who haven't read the whole thread, Samsung flashed my firmware. Before that Bluetooth wouldn't scan.


Now it does, and usually finds my Fitbit Charge 3 - but it says it can't connet and never shows up as connected.


BUT EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN'T SHOW, IT STILL SYNCS! Don't assume it won't. It sometimes take a few tries however.

I am having the same issue with my A8.

I ran the update patch and now nothing including my car through uconnect, my Fitbit Charge 2, multiple bluetooth speakers, and other bluetooth devices won't connect.

I reset the network settings, and my car connected for a bit but nothing else would.

Then yesterday my car did not work as well.


I then tried to revert back to the prevous patch to fix the issue, and it will not let me due to security.


Something is really messed up and needs to be fixed by Samsung ASAP.

Mine is syncing incrementally as well, even though it does not show up as a paired device under my Bluetooth settings as it used to. But because it is not pairing correctly, I am not receiving notifications on my fitbit device. My steps and sleep patterns etc syncs, when forced, but no notifications are coming through... I am currently also unable to update my fitbit firmware because it is not pairing with my A8.


I have had ongoing issues with bluetooth since my A8+ updated last month. 

I tried to reset my Fitbit Versa and uninstalled/reinstalled the app and it still isn't connecting properly.

It's also not connecting through my car either, so irritating! 


Having serious bluetooth issues with my Bluetooth since the Update aswell, dissapounting because bluetooth was fantastic when it would sync properly 😞


I can guarantee everyone that this is a software issue, and until Samsung releases a patch, there is no point going to a repair centre, merely a waste of time.

Now I wonder if Samsung is aware of this issue or not.

I looked all over online and Samsung is not saying they are.

Chatted with Samsung this morning and they could or would not give me a date as to when they may have a new update and if this will even fix the issue with connecting to bluetooth devices. I am having the same issue with my Fitbit Charge2, Vehicle and Wireless Headphones....pretty much any device that requires Bluetooth. 

Basically was told that they were sorry for the inconvenience but we will just have to wait. 

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