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A71 battery life isn't great?

(Topic created on: 20-06-2020 03:38 PM)

Having a 4500mah battery I expected big things from this phone.  Its got the biggest battery I have ever had on a phone but sadly it doesn't perform like it.


My previous phone was an iPhone XR and before that a Huawei P20 pro,  both had similar battery life and I simply could not kill them batteries in one day,  This phone I could.


With my previous phones with my usage I would come home from work with around 70% battery life, on the A71 its around 45% by the time I got to bed its more or less flat.  Its certainly not a phone for an overnight stay somewhere without a charger, the pervious two phones are.


I only got my phone last week and even today I haven't got most of my apps installed, I am still running only the basic apps such as Gmail, facebook etc.  I removed whatever bit of bloat was on the phone when I first got it and this hasn't made any difference.


Anyone else have a similar experience? Sure I could turn things off etc but I didn't need to on previous phones.

@dj1891: Sorry to hear you're having battery life issues with your Galaxy A71. Can you try going to Settings > Device Care > Optimise Now. While you're here, tap on 'Battery > Battery Usage' and check the list of apps at the bottom of the screen to see if any of them are using an abnormal amount of battery. If so, make sure to disable the apps via your Recent Apps button to prevent background activity from draining your battery. It is also worth reducing your overall screen brightness, and switching off Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Bluetooth when not in use.