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A52s 5G After update to latest version => no network

(Topic created on: 12-06-2024 09:12 AM)


After update with 1 October security patch. Phone doesn't see mobile networks anymore. I tried restart, safe modes, powering off - didn't help. Other things: On start it asks for sim pin code, it recognizes if i enter wrong pin.

I can't switch to manual network operator, un-toggling "Select automatically network operator" never finishes, it stays in state searching for networks....

When i try to change Network mode -> it's just ignored, it has value LTE/3G/2G (auto connect), and i can't change it.

Same sim card works fine with another phone A12. A52s was also working fine before update, and there were no issues during update, it started normally, except can't find network.



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I have the same thing, updated my phone yesterday and now it can't connect to any network anymore.

I have used Samsung for almost 15 years, this has just made me switch to another brand.

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Same problem here..

My warranty had just expired when the problem appeared, I thought the K1 panel was faulty, so I replaced it.
It doesn't work now either, and it's a waste of money for the K1 panel.
My software is up to date, downgrade is not possible, no service, GZ samsung...

"4 years of Android OS updates and 5 years of security releases" nice joke, what's the use of updates if they screw up everything?

I've been a Samsung user all my life, but it's time to look for a new brand.. 

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Samsung actually did it again with the latest security patch but seems they’re slowly admitting it in some areas at least. I would suggest you ask tech repair to do the same they did with mine. They took the new K1 and soldered the old chip onto it. Phone works fine after that. It really must be some nasty encoding issue that Samsung programmers completely screw up.

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The same for me but Samsung A52.

Year ago I did update... and my phone stopped working with PLUS provider (tested different sim cards). With other providers works fine (like T-mobile). When I put PLUS sim card phone is offline and airplane button is not acive.

Something happened from software perspective.

I went to Samsung and left phone for assessment. Service ... found small screen defect, in upper corner, out of "working area". They told me phone can be fixed but ONLY if I pay cost of new screen replacement! Can You believe it! That cost more than 50% cost of phone!

Samsung damaged my phone by new update and now... is dictating conditions for fixing! 

Unbelievable story!


I will go to court ! Will not leave it! That is Samsung 100% responsibility. I do not need new scree is fine for me. I need ONLY working phone!


There is a lot if similar cased after samsung update applied - for different models.

In my opinion we should got TOGETHER to court  "class action lawsuit" to get new phones!

Samsung... what a shame!!! Stop updates if the breaks phones!

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