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Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

(Topic created on: 29-06-2022 03:15 PM)
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I bought the neo g9 around 3 months back and ive noticed a few instability issues with games not supporting ultrawide. One example is gta v; where after a few minutes of gameplay it just crashes. This is the exact same issue i have with running dying light. Gta seems to work however when i use pbp mode, but i end up losing the benefits of gsync and that higher refresh rate. I also notice other random crashing on a lot of games but they happen less often than gta and dying light. I have tried things such as uninstalling and reinstalling new drivers. Verified game files and even a complete drive wipe and fresh install of windows. I had these issues with both windows 10 and 11. these issues did not happen when i was using my previous 27" monitor (16:9).These are games i enjoy playing and i bought this monitor so i could be more immersed whilst playing these games.