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Samsung G9 swapping screens in PBP mode after laptop awakes from sleep

(Topic created on: 30-12-2023 12:59 PM)
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Setup: Laptop running Windows 10 Pro connected to CalDigit TS3+ dock, CalDigit connected to G9 G95T Dual-QHD LC49G95TSSRXXU via 2 DisplayPort cables to be able to use G9's PBP feature, i.e. to mimic 2 monitors connected to Laptop, reason being to run Citrix remote apps and need to use Windows Snap across 2 monitors due to Citrix remote apps not supported by apps like PowerToy's FancyZones.

The laptop lid is then closed, so the main laptop display is on screen 1 of G9 (PBP left side), and the extended screen is on screen 2 of G9 (PBP right side).

Each time the laptop is made to go sleep, and then after waking, by either pressing the laptop's power button (lid still closed), or moving the mouse or pressing the keyboard, once logged in, the PBP screens are swapped, i.e. the main laptop screen is on screen 2 of G9 (PBP right side) and the extended screen is on screen 1 of G9 (PBP left side). I then have to use the G9 controls to switch the source of each screen to get the orientation back. Then it swaps again the next time the laptop is slept/awakened.

Is anyone else having this issue and was able to resolve it?

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This can't be good, the issue was posed december 2023 its now June 2024 and no post or comments or anything... 

I reported this issue to Microsoft and they said that the issue was Samsungs Issue:

this is what I reported:
I have a Samsung lc49rg90ssnxza 49inch wide screen monitor in pbp mode, with 2 HDMI cables being fed into it for the split screen, and the two screens keep changing places, left is being replaced with right and right with left after the machine goes to sleep. and I am having to open up the Display settings and change things back to the correct position.

this is with a surface studio laptop 2 that is being kept closed while I just use the 49in monitor as my only monitor. Is this a known issue?

This is what they responded with: 
 these monitors are not fully supported since they don't report 2 different EDIDs and hence OS is trying to differentiate between them with our internal logic and has no idea that they are part of the same chasis.

The main problem here is that when your system goes to sleep OS gets notification that both monitors are removed and then on wake up they can be reported to OS in random order and not at the same time.
You can try to find a setting in the monitor to make it not got to "deep sleep" to avoid unplugging itself when system goes to sleep/idle.