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Another Broken Screen - Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360

(Topic created on: 23-06-2023 09:34 PM)

I bought my Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 barely 6 months ago. Last week I picked it up from my desk and heard the screen crack, I open it up to find the screen cracked right where it would sit above the trackpad and with 4 hairline cracks sprawling the screen from there.

It's clear that their design has introduced a weak spot, the laptop is built to look good favouring a slim design but this has reduced the amount of support the screen has when its closed. With the least support present above the track pad as it is recessed into the body and can be depressed slightly.

I am now facing a £416 repair bill because it is physical damage and out of warranty however this damage is clearly resulting from defective workmanship and/or materials which is covered under warranty! 

Even if I did consider repairing I would then have the stress and anxiety of waiting for it to break all over again. 

Has anyone had theirs repaired only to break again?

Lastly, if anyone like me is gathering evidence to back their case these are links I've found so far:

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Sorry to hear you have join the manufacturing design fault club, Samsung refuses to acknowledge the fault, and we are left with the product that’s not fit for purpose. Even after many links on the community team website and also even on Facebook. This is a known fault within Samsung. They still are refusing to acknowledge there is a design fault with the ProBook laptops. 

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I am now in the same boat,  with a Screen that cracked on day 31 and I have to decide what to do with Samsung calling it "physical damage" and refusing to acknowledge it is a problem with the computer.

I am wondering if anyone eventually had any luck with any of the options they looked into.

Thank you

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Here I am, same problem with a Pro 360 first generation. And you can add this link from the Italian Samsung forum, there are others:

I see that Samsung won't acknowledge this problem to the point that new versions of this machine share the same identical issue. Unbelievable. It's obvious that the screen flexes too much already when you open it correctly and gently by lifting it with the specific notch in the center. They must provide a better and more rigid support for the glass, or you can't buy this machine.