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Sound bar connectivity issues

(Topic created on: 07-12-2023 04:05 PM)
Mark G
First Poster

Extremely frustrated with Samsung products. Have got a QN90C TV and an older series 7 TV and bought a Q990C sound bar back in September and have not been able to get it to work with any of these TV's since purchase. When I go through the setup process on the TV the sound bar connects fine via a HDMI cable but then after a while or if I turn off the TV and turn it back on again later it doesn't see the sound bar and only plays audio from the TV. I've had 3 replacement sound bars and everyone has the same issue. Connecting the sound bar to a smaller Panasonic TV it works fine and doesn't loose connections, but won't work with either of the Samsung TV's. I have tried 8 different HDMI cables, the latest being an expensive Audio Quest HDMI 2.1 cable eArc compatible 8K but nothing resolves the issue. I raised a support ticket with Samsung back in September but despite promising to speak with 2nd level tech support, never bothered getting back to me. I've since called two further times, with each time having to go through the same 1st level testing that we've been through before. I've just come off an hour long call with a support engineer in the Philippines who thought he'd resolved the issue but an hour later when I switch on the TV again the HDMI port and sound bar was not available again. After 3 replacement sound bars, two Samsung TV's and at least 8 different HDMI cables I can't believe I'm the only person to experience this issue? I have a week left before the option of a refund on the new TV runs out so as it's not been resolved since it was raised back in September, I'm not holding out much hope. This whole experience with Samsung products has put me off buying another Samsung product for life. Any one experienced similar issues?