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Q800D Sound Bar Not Playing Amazon Music Via Alexa

(Topic created on: 06-06-2024 07:49 PM)
First Poster

I'm hoping someone can help as I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with this issue. I just purchased a new 65" Neo QLED TV and the new Q800D Sound Bar with integrated Alexa.


These have now been set up and connected to my Amazon account and all added to SmartThings app.  The issue I have is that Alexa on the Sound Bar responds to all request when asked, like "what's the weather" or "play Absolute Radio" etc in the same way that all of my other Echo devices do in the house but when I ask her to 'play Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac' she will respond as though she is going to play it and says 'Everywhere 2017 Remaster by Fleetwood Mac on Amazon Music"  but then nothing happens for 5-10 seconds and then she will say "sorry i'm having trouble playing music from your library". This is the same regardless of the artist or song requested.


When I have the TV on and use Alexa on there, there are no issues playing the requested music. I have already spent time on the live chat to a Samsung adviser last night and went through all trouble shooting like disconnecting the Sound Bar/carrying out a factory reset de-registering my Amazon account and re-adding it and in the end I was told to contact Amazon which I did today. I then spent a further hour on to them deleting/reinstalling apps and all sorts, again with no luck.


I find it extremely odd that Alexa on the Sound Bar works with no issues with all functions except for playing Amazon Music.


Has anyone else had the same experience or have any solutions as I'm beginning to go a bit mad! 


Thank you in advance!