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Samsung HW-S800B soundbar. No sound from rear speakers when playing blu ray and 4K discs

(Topic created on: 22-04-2024 04:01 PM)
First Poster

Apologies for the long post.
A bit of a strange issue with no sound from rear speakers when playing specifically blu ray and 4K discs, I hope I have posted this in the right forum but sorry if not - I'm not sure where the problem lies in my system to know exactly where to go for an answer.

My set up is Sony UBP-X800M2 4K disc player, Samsung 55" Frame 2023 TV, Samsung HW-S800B soundbar/sub and some recently added SWA-9500S rear speakers. I discovered last night when playing a blu ray disc for the first time since getting them a week or so ago, that I am getting no sound from the SWA-9500S rear speakers when watching a film. I played around with various settings on the Samsung app to alter rear volume and select different sound modes, and only got sound from the rears when selecting a surround mode which was essentially blending the front output to the rears (so not the proper surround mix as I was getting dialogue from the rear when it should have just been from the front, if you see what I mean). I have successfully watched films/TV using these rear speakers whilst streaming from Amazon and got proper surround, and checked this morning using a DVD (as opposed to blu ray or 4K) disc and got correct rear surround sound then too. It just seems to be blu ray and any 4K discs that I tried this morning. Weirdly, when popping in the discs this morning to test, the opening Dolby Digital(or similar) logo that comes on when you initially load the disc provided rear surround speaker sound, but provided nothing when the actual menu or film started.

I am wondering what the likely cause is and wanted to know if simply using an older (say 1.4) HDMI cable between the Sony and Frame connection box would cause the issue? I am not sure if the various HDMI cables I have here are the more modern 2.1 spec but am happy to buy a new one if that is a likely cure. The connection between the soundbar and Frame box is via a micro HDMI > HDMI cable that I bought at the time I bought the TV last year, so should be fine (certainly has been when streaming 4K stuff from the internet). Alternatively, could it be something within the Sony's set up options that is causing the issue, something I need to manually select, or something with the Frame's set up options?