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Samsung SWA-9000s Rear Speakers not connecting to Samsung HW-Q70T

(Topic created on: 17-11-2021 07:52 PM)
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I'm having trouble and can seem to find the fault on the internet.  Does anybody have ideas?


I have both brand new SWA-9000s and Q70T speakers and the rear won't connect to the soundbar.

I tried the reset on the rears to reconnect to the soundbar.  But I get a solid blue light and it connects for a few seconds and I can hear the rears but then the Red Standby and the blue light start flashing simultaneously and I don't hear anything.  While both lights are flashing I can see I go to the settings on the soundbar and I can see the options for the rear to toggle the volume.  I turn off the soundbar and the rears turn solid red and it's off.  I turn it back on and both lights are flashing.


I've also done a factory reset on the soundbar


This is all connected to the Samsung QN94A via HDMI earc


Any suggestions would be appreciated