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Samsung HW-K850 stuck in D.IN

(Topic created on: 04-04-2018 11:53 AM)
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I'm having a HW-K850 soundbar which originally did connect via HDMI ARC to my QE55Q7FAM will now no longer do so. It will connect via bluetooth and Wi-Fi but I paid extra for an atmos soundbar and it should work! The TV is updated to the latest software via website and flashdrive. I've tried new HDMI leads, restting the TV and hub, everything. Very frustrated. Help please!


How are you connected? I am assuming TV to one connect box, one connect box (ARC port) to soundbar? Seems odd as on my 650 if I cycled source to D.In it then after a few seconds displayed ARC.


Is the soundbar at the latest firmware? Not sure about the K850, but in order to see the firmware on a 650 I had to install the Samsung Multiroom app on a smart phone, and I could then see what firmware was running, along with the ability to run an update. A few times mine has defaulted to BT/WiFi for no apparent reason, but after pressing the source button cycled it back to D.In/ARC.


Additionally try disabling wifi/bluetooth on your devices in case one type of connection is overriding another. When you say reset the hub, do you mean one connect box? If not, unplug everything (TV, Soundbar and One Connect) from the mains, and unplug the HDMI from the soundbar, and walk away for 20 minutes or so.  Power up the TV, and then the soundbar, cycle the source to D.In/ARC and then plug in the HDMI lead.



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Color me crazy, burt wouldn't the better alternative be for Samsung to program this thing properly?


I'm sick to DEATH of doing a factory reset on this TV just to make the sound bar work again, or make it remember how to connect to the internet, etc. It's a brand new TV!


These are not complicated functions. Both sound and internet have been major problems with the last several iterations of this TV (all over the samsung support sites, all over the web, everyone who owns this TV regrets it). It's easy to find the designer(s) responsible for these functions, drag them out by their ears, toss them into the street, and hire somebody who knows what they're doing. Perhaps a Sony employee could be poached.


Samsung's INSISTENCE on refusing to correct these problems makes the entire company seem mentally ill.

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I am having the exact same problem but with the twist that if I try and change the sound source on the Samsung TV the sound bar grabs the satellite tuner on HDMI3 input and sits there laughing at me for having bought such a piece of *****!