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HW Q90R bluetooth Wifi disconnections

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Hi everyone,


I understand that there has been some complaints with regards to HW Q90R soundbar disconnections of the rear speakers and subwoofer. That is not the issue I encounter.


Since I have received that soundbar in January 2020, I have two major issues:

(i) Bluetooth keeps disconnecting when I play some music from my iPhone. Same thing for other phones.

(ii) Wifi disconnects ten or twenty minutes after music is played from Alexa. The soundbar gets "offline" according to the SmartThings app and I have to reset everything manually.


I DO have the latest firmware. I am based in France.


It is extremely annoying for a soundbar of this price range to have such basic issues, which I did not have with my previous non-Samsung soundbar.


Can anyone help me please? Thank you.





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My Q90R worked fine strait out of the box.  I sold my LG 75 inch TV and bought a Samsung 75 inch TV.  Now when I go into the sound settings on the TV it is telling me the rear speakers are not connected and will not let me adjust the settings on them.  The blue light on the back of each speaker is on and stable.  Is it the soundbar or the TV that has a problem.


Hey @DWH1 and @AlexandreFR92 ,


I'm sorry to hear that this is happening with your soundbar. Can you please tell us which TV do you have this connected to and if the TV and soundbar software is up to date?


If you have a Samsung Tv you can find the model at the back and the software by heading into Settings> Support> About this TV/Contact Samsung. 


Take a look at this link to find how to update the soundbar software version. 


The TV is a series 7 Samsung 75" Model no. UA75RU7100Wxxy


Sorry Yes the soundbar has the 1008 firmware update and the TV is also up to date

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I've had the Q90R soundbar since January and it occassionally disconnects (goes offline in Android app) and I need to remove it and reinstall the device within the App every time to get it back.  Sometimes, this happens often (more than once per week) and sometimes less often.  Getting very annoying.  Soundbar is connected to Q90 75" TV via wifi and HDMI (default TV output).  Most times I have the problem, I check all is up to date in both TV and Soundbar and always is fine as it is today.


Should I return this for replacement?  Is it app fault, wifi disconnects?  TV output via wifi works fine even when soundbar is offline in Android Smartthings App...


Please HELP!!!


I'm having the same issue Bluetooth keeps disconnecting. No help from Samsung. I wish I could return this junk but it's hazardous materials. No longer buying from Samsung. 


i will be doing likewise...cant believe the amount of people with the same problem..really pathetic from samsung !

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Had also issues with constant Wifi disconnection. I'm not an expert at all and can't explain why but I think I fixed it by doing this below:


- Unplug your sound bar and turn off the TV

- Turn off and then back your router

- When wifi is back, plug back your sound bar and turn on the TV (ensure you are connected on your wifi)

- Remove your soundbar in the app smart things and add it again. When done the wifi with the soundbar should works well

- Go in the administrator page of your router

- Add statics IP for all devices

- Find the option "Split SSID", activate it then remove the wifi 2,4 GHz


I struggled a bit but now looks stable, hope it will helps some people!


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