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HW-Q70T Dolby Digital Sound issues


I just bought the HW-Q70T, updated it, plugged it in the right way (trust me), everything works fine. Except for Dolby Sound and Dolby Sound +. I get a background sound what sounds like a waterfall in a tunnel or heavy rain from far away. This only happens when i got Dolby enabled and doesn't happen when PCM is enabled (of course). 


My theory is that the surround sound effect is out of fase and interferes badly with the overall sound.


Any others having this problem and know how to solve it?


Coming from a certified Sound Engineer.

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Hi Thelduin,

today I noticed the same issue. I have a PS4 console connected to TV and then TV connected to the soundbar Q800T via ARC HDMI. On PCM sound is fine, but when Dolby Digital is enabled the sound is like coming from underwater...

Have you found any solution?

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