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HW-Q90R Chromecast Ultra.

(Topic created on: 23-11-2020 05:18 PM)

I have A HW-Q90R connected to a Sony Braiva AG9. I have the latest firmware with eArc support. On 1 of the ports on the Soundbar I had connected a Chromecast Ultra 2. I won't tell you the horrors I went through but anyway after a major crash every 2-3 days I decided to take out the Chromecast Ultra 2. I was suspecting the Soundbar was receiving conflicting commands from both Sony tv (built in Chromecast) and the ext. Chromecast. Which regularly led to a software crash of the Soundbar. Although I must say casting music from the Nest hub mini worked quite ok but the main event TV with surround sound did not. Anyway I decided to go another route.


Samsung claims Smartthings intergrates with Home assitent.

I have integrated smartthings with home assistent and I have added the soundbar to the Home app screen.

The settings screen in the Home app of the Soundbar shows limited functionality but confirms its connected through Smartthings that the producer is Samsung The device name is soundbar and the device type is soundbar.

The TV and soundbar finally seem to work without major problems, however there is no way I get music to cast from the Nest hub mini to the soundbar. When I ask: Hey Google play music on Soundbar it answers: I can not do that right now though I can play music on your other devices. When I ask the Nest hub mini to list devices it shows the Soundbar among other devices that are listed as musicplayers, but the Soundbar is not listed as musicplayer. When I click the Soundbar on the screen I get a screen showing on/of buttons, volume sliders and a play/stop button but basically they don't do anything the device does not turn on/of let alone it plays.

Afterhaving integrated Smartthings with the home app I also can't stream music anymore  from the Smartthings app to the the HW-Q90R, When I select some music in Smartthings the Soundbar does switch to wifi but that's all it does no sound, I can change the volume with the Smarthings app but no sound... 

I have reset the systems several times, I have uninstalled all software and installed it again, I tried both from Android 10 and IOS 14 but I am totally stuck.

I have traded up my HW-N950 for a HW-Q90R because (eArc) I thought that would solve crashing and other incompatabilty problems with the Sony TV. But solving 1 issue leads to 10 other issues. Could somebody help me out here thanks


Will wait for a better reply because I'm also finding it irritating that after paying so much money on a soundbar I can't cast music to it. Samsung only supports Spotify or Amazon echo. Trying to make money out of a product they already sold to me. That's why for me this is the last Samsung product. Their marketing is great in tricking people but their customer focus is extremely low.  I'm not asking for Google home but a chromecast. No, smartthings is really dumb, just like Bixby. No, I won't use Samsung cloud. Because I don't trust your brand anymore. May the over smartness of your marketing be your downfall.