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HW-Q70R Firmware Problem

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I cannot install firmware. TV ARC flashes, turns on and off. When I connect the micros usb from the service part, nothing changes. I'm doing what's written on their pages, but there's no solution. I'd really appreciate it if you could help me with that.


Hi @renkliOrjinal ,


I will be happy to assist you from here but I will need a bit more information about this before providing you with some troubleshooting steps.


-Which TV do you have this connected to?

-Which software version are the soundbar and the Tv running on?

-Have you tried yo update this using our Smart Things app? 


You cand find how to do this here. 


Hello, thank you first. TV, 60KS8000 version 1241.

Soundbar version 1007.9 but the soundbar doesn't respond at all. It just turns on and the TV ARC is on, it turns off and on, it just stays on again. It does not make any operation from the controller or any operation from the keys on the side. I cannot connect from SmartThings application because the soundbar does not respond. The software acts as if it does not exist.

Is there anyone who can help?
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