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Galaxy Watch not measuring Heart rate

Would concur with sco7ty. Given that it hasn't been resolved after all this time I have come to the conclusion it never will be.
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Thank you for the opinions and posts. 


I have decided to return the watch tomorrow ASAP for a full refund. 


Again, I am so dissapointed because this is really a great smartwatch... But health wise, its a big bummer.


Good day all

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Same problem here...


And the samsung response is very dissapointed.

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Same problem...

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Same problem no solution. Samsung products are becoming close to worthless. They are released but are incomplete!


Also note the new S9 update disallows recording of phone calls.  If your in business this is important. Another reason not to use Samsung.

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Now we have 2019 and the problem still exists


Until they allow 3rd party fitnss tracking directly (bypassing S Health) or set it to restart the HR sensor when it stops this problem isnt getting fixed anytime soon in  my humble opinion.


To my simple mind its easy, code it to look for sensor failure, if it finds one wait 20 seconds then restart the sensor. Job done, pretty sure its not that easy but it could be done if they chose to do it.


Thats where the issue lies, they dont need to fix it while people are buying the Gear, then the Galaxy and now the Active

I totally agree, an auto restart sensor will actually do the job, I'm sure that works this way on other devices. Stucked, restart voila.

I'm curious to see if is there any fix in the latest update, is there anyone who received it? I'm talking about last week update
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No update... Problem still appear randomly


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