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Galaxy Tab S5e Scrolling Issue

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Hi! I am new to Samsung tablets and have noticed that when scrolling vertically in portrait orentation, the right side of the display moves slightly faster than the left side which gives this jelly/wave effect which is really  annoying. This issue only occurs in portrait orentation and will not occur is landscape. I have had this issue on my very cheap Amazon Fire HD but did not expect it on a £400 tablet. 


I have read a couple of short threads online about a few others experiencing this issue with the Galaxy Tab S4 but I haven't read much about it happening on the Galaxy Tab S5e. 


Does anyone have this issue on their S5e or other Galaxy tablets and does anyone know why it occurs and if there is a solution? 




Hi, I have the same problem..

I already called the samsung support... I should send the tablet to Samsung Service..

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Ah okay. Let me know what the results of the service are. Curious to know if there is a fix or not. 




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I received my new S5e on Friday and also have this issue. I'm a bit of a screen 'nerd' so seeing this really frustrates me. I've noticed it does also occur in landscape mode but is nowhere near as bad as portrait. It's so bad and noticable I'm thinking of sending the tablet back. Shame because the rest of the tablet is fantastic; I'm still in awe at how amazing the speakers are and the very real surround effect provided by Dolby Atmos. It even plays a 40GB 4k file of Avengers which just looks and sounds incredible. When Thor chucks his hammer on the floor and it goes off the screen towards the right it genuinely sounds like his hammer has hit the right hand wall of my room!

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I have the same problem as well.  Hopefully Samsung will come up with a software fix and update.

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