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USB recording probems

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Hi community,


I have a Samsung UE32J5500 and just had a proper aerial fitted to the house.


I'm looking for a way to record TV and thought I'd give the TV's USB recording feature a go.  I have a great (new) 64Gb USB stick with super fast transfer rates and this passed the performance test on the TV.


I recorded a snippet of TV successfully and it played back with no issues.


So I thought I'd try and test the scheduled recording feature, I set it to record a show which was about to start and it warned me that recording was about to commence.  I let the program finish and went to check what it had recorded, but the USB was not present (according the the TV).


I then tried the USB stick in my MacBook Pro but it doesn't appear as a device anymore, not even in Disk Utility.


I then tried it in two other Windows 10 laptops and neither of those recognised it either!  The drive doesn't show in Disk Management on the Windows 10 laptops either, which I would've expected it to. 


It appears the TV has broken it and I'm at a complete loss as to what to do now.  Other than buy another USB stick and risk the TV writing that one off as well..


I've read the TV needs a powered drive to be able to record when turned off, but in this test the TV was powered on all the time, I just wanted to make it worked in the first instance before trying to record when it was powered off.


Has anyone else had a similar experience? And did you manage to resolve it?


I had little hope that this would work after reading all the nightmare posts about it, but it did seem hopeful (to start with at least).


I didn't expect the TV to write off my USB stick though.


Any help or advice would be appreciated, I think a YouView box might be in order.. :(



ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Greenones 


We're sad to hear of your experience with the USB stick. It's also a little difficult to say exactly how or why the USB would have failed/corrupted. Did you follow the 'scheduled recording' instructions listed in the User Manual?

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Hi Chris,


Thanks for getting back to me.


I've since bought a replacement USB stick and done the tests again, I'm happy to report that all is working perfectly!


Despite the rumours, it does record when the TV is turned off! Great news!


Thanks again,


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