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Samsung 4k tv fault

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I am having a problem with my tv that nobody seems to understand. Ever since I linked my Sky remote to my tv, it has lost picture quality? As of it has gone into a permanent lower resolution. As soon as I pressed tv on the remote, the picture quality has gone poor. I am using a Sky +hd box. I have had people saying it's because I'm using this box and it's only 1080hd, but it used to be a lot better picture before I linked the remote? I have a 4k xbox which is also now not displaying in 4k, and the backlight has to be up to the max which is 50 as the screen has also gone dark. The Sky box also now goes black when switching between hd and normal tv, which it never used to do. I have had a new screen, and 2 different sky boxes, and factory reset the tv. It is also up to date with updates, which has made no difference. Any help would be appreciated.

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