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UE55KU6175UXXE - problems with external Toshiba HDD memory

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The case where I would appreciate help is following: the TV set & memory have been used for about two years.

I can watch the programs I have stored on the memory and I can remove stored programs and they seem to vanish


1) when I switch off the TV and turn it then back on all the deleted stuff is reappearing - removal had failed

2) when I am trying to record / store a something new the TV set does not recognise the hard drive

I have tried another USB socket, unplugged and plugged, ... => no impact

The size of used memory is maybe 70-100 GB and the hard drive is most likely 500GB or 1 TB

Firmware version is 1231

Please advise if there is something I can still do

ChrisM Moderator

Hi, @KekeT.


Are you still having this same issue? Did you try a different USB cable?

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I have only one cable.

I got tired of waiting for smart solution and reformatted the hard drive, 

It works now!


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