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Samsung TV division I have requirement and recommendation for your TV s implementation

(Topic created on: 14-12-2022 02:02 PM)
Peto Pedro

Hi Samsung RnD   

I have suggestion , recommendation and what you MUST HAVE implement into your TVs 

For few years everyone been using old good TV port which is HDMi over past 10 years .  People been fine with it. But as the tech progress and improves same like TVs becoming monitors has very nice picture sharp. But one thing TVs lacks is PORTS !  It is nice that there has been upgraded HDMi to 2.1 but that's really no enough. 

I encourage you Samsung and giving advice and recommendation  that you should  / could / would you  please implement USB Type-C into your new TVs So we can even more easily and ultimately connect our modern tech to displays and enjoy it with smart tiny  cable ?  There are now new laptops and desktops PCs with thunderbolt 4 usb-c port which is perfect for external displays NOT ONLY monitors because they are so small but nowadays TV's !

It would be so perfect if you implement usb-c with charging support that we could connect smartphones or laptops or tablets etc.. onto the amazing Samsung TVs  with thin one single cable which would support video and audio and charge in one . It would be incredible.. For now I have to use  usb-c  / thunderbolt  adapter to HDMi which is not working 100% it lacks VRR it lacks proper RGB full range..  No g-sync no free-sync... But if you would add usb-c so DisplayPort (type-c) implementation it will be all 100% compatible.  While some monitors do have usb-c but they are too small and I want to enjoy windows pc laptop connected from usb- to usb-c  it is. In reality USB and Vesa are association with you so I was wondering why you didn't implement it long time ago ... It would solve so so many problems in the past with HDMi  fiasco between 2.0 and 2.1 

Please consider mine proposal  people will be grateful especially us people who using TVs as PC display and watching or mostly playing games on 

Thank you so much