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Recording problems from UE40D5520RKXXU smart tv to external HDD

(Topic created on: 17-12-2022 03:27 PM)
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Hi, hope someone can please please help.

We have been given the above tv which we have got working fine to watch live freeview tv by simply connecting power in and aerial in.

We don't have a set top box but had previously been advised that we didn't need one and could record by simply plugging in an external HDD with USB. NB I know that not all HDD drives are compatible ( 5,400 revs or whatever it is) so I researched and bought a Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB which many other buyers had said WAS compatible with Samsunf smart tvs.

So we plug the HDD in with its own cable into USB1 port on tv (also marked HDD). The tv recognises the disk - great - and can tell me there's no video on it (correct it's new). So according to the manual (and helpdesk I spoke with) all I need to do is press the record button on the remote when watching a prog and it will put up a menu - nothing happens.

However, if I press guide, then highlight a prog coming up shortly say then press record button I DO get a menu - do i want to record in HD or SD and this prog or the whole season. I answer (tried all combinations) and then ENTER. Nothing happens. The prog does not record.

I'm stumped. Our old tv had a much worse picture but with a Sagem PVR attached with scart connections it happily let us rewind live progs and record etc etc. I wondered if I could use the Sagem PVR/receiver with the new tv but it doesn't have any scart connection/ports and I read online that converters won't work both ways between tv and PVR so no good.

Last night I did a live chat and the Samsung person said I definitely should be able to record and confirmed no set top box was needed , just the HDD. They concluded the HDD was not compatible but agreed it was odd that the tv happily recognises it.

Today I telephoned and was told by Samsung I do need a set top box?! Arghhh.

So can anyone help please? I'm pretty sure the HDD is ok. I'm pretty sure this model is SUPPOSED to record to HDD but how do I make it happen??

NB The tv is not connected to our internet. Is it possible it needs to be so that some software driver or somesuch can be downloaded?

Many many thanks for any help anyone can give. 

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I'd be really grateful if someone could reply. I hope I've posted this correctly?