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Picture judder Qled q6

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Good evening,


This is the first time I have posted and new to the Samsung qleds. I recently picked up a q6fn 75" and noticed really bad screen judders or frame skipping. Not sure how to describe it, but the picture would behave much like a screen tear on a PC. I couldn't take it and returned the Q6. I also have a OLED C8 and do not see this issue. I would like to upgrade to a Q9fn but scared of the same thing happening.


Long story short, has anyone else experienced this? Does it exist on the Q9? The Q9 is very highly rated, so I hope that I'm not the only one that is experiencing this.


Thank you very much!


Picture judder is common on Samsung TVs , I've had 2 and both have done it , I now watch TV via game mode and there is no judder now

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