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Humax "source" problems

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Hi all - I've just bought a UE43N TV and have to say am mightily impressed with the quality of the picture, however  I'm struggling to get the TV to recognise or handshake with my Humax Foxsat HDR. If the TV is on and I switch on the Humax the TV will either find it straight away or come up with "unkown souce" "SKY" or very rarely "Freesat", in that event I go back to home page and select whatever its decided to call the Humax and all is fine. If the Humax is recording but in standby mode and I turn the TV and Humax on it just says unknown source and no signal, the only way round is to unplug and replug the HDMI cable, then it goes back to the first part of this post. Does anyone know how to get it to recognise the Humax as a connected device without going through this rigmarole?


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Update: It turned out to be the HDMI cable, it worked fine on previous Bravia so assumed it would be fine for the Samsung but apparently not, the samsung must be more sensitive to its inputs, it now recognises the Humax Freesat PVR as Sky and is stable under all conditions, cant be bothered to change the icon so thats fine 

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