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Eco-Living: Bike Washing Machine


As I’ve said before, we get some interesting things sent to us on our various channels at Samsung - and along with that we'll also look for weird/wow/cool (they're pretty much the same in our world) tech stuff that's out there.


A new meaning to laundry cycle...


So, this article from 2016 came across my desk this morning:


(Apparently, this article appeared on my colleague's social media newsfeed.)


Original Tuvie entry here: 




I'd have called it a 'Spin Cycle'...


Now, neither the concept pitch nor the article about it is new. (Much of the tech is practically Stone Age by today's standards: pedals, levers, gears, electric generator etc.)


And as my very Yorkshire uncle, who’s an AC and refrigeration engineer, might say: “Yes, but howz tuh watter cooming and gowing? ” (I.e. the designers appear to have overlooked that whole pesky water refill/drainage design challenge of this type of product concept.)


But I do love the eco concept behind it: using simple and/or leisure human activities to achieve multiple beneficial ends.


Something for the future?


I think as energy resourcing becomes an even bigger question for us (both on this planet; and if we're serious about any ambitions for longterm and deeper space exploration) that we'll see an increase in all sorts of hybrid-power and eco tech.


What do you think? Any other examples of eco-tech like this you'd like to share? And check out our Newsroom article on eco-lifestyle here too! 

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Superuser I
Superuser I

suppose might be seen as a bit of a gimmick or just means to get folk talkng, however the Bike Washing Machine certainly has sound ideas behind it, even if not fully thought out.  Eco Tech certainly going to be a bigger thing which will benefit society, so it will be interesting to see how ideas develop.


Just a few  articles I've come across, some ideas more practical than others 


A video here: 




Wow, some of those inventions are insane. Those edible water blobs look crazy.


We really do need to do and use more of those inventions, especially with the doomsday clock moving closer to midnight.

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Superuser I
I like the idea of energy conservation, what about a trainer cycle-thingy to generate energy? super cool! #OldIsTheNewNew
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