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Dawn of a New Decade of Galaxy

(Topic created on: 13-02-2020 10:01 AM)

I've watched Unpacked 2020. And I'm sad. But also excited.


I'm sad because I will no longer be able to humourously exclaim, "DJ is in the Houuuuse!" whilst watching Unpacked.


DJ will be somewhere else in the House...


DJ Koh's Unpacked appearances have always been a personal highlight for me: the empassioned speeches; the little smile and twinkle in his eye suggesting a knowing wizardry and desire to reveal wonderous visions made reality - in addition to the direction and leadership you'd expect from one of your top bosses.


DJ Koh has now moved on to a different role in Samsung; leaving a legacy in Mobile of boundary-pushing innovation, greater-than-ever connectivity, and the foundations of a fantastic future. 


My heart... :(My heart... 😞

But we do have a Doctor in the House...


The DocThe Doc

And I'm excited about that future.


Our new guy at the Mobile helm is Dr. TM Roh (or Dr. Tae Moon Roh, to say his full name). He's been at Samsung since 1997; playing instrumental, innovative and top leadership roles in R&D and Product Strategy - most notably for Galaxy devices - and part of the driving forces behind Samsung's ceaseless pursuit to create unparalled mobile experiences for users.


But, as impressive as his experience and credentials are, it's not them that I'm excited about. In an interview with Dr. TM Roh in 2016:


Very simply, consumers drive Samsung’s innovation. They are our inspiration to move new technology, services and solutions forward.


As such, we will relentlessly pursue the technological innovations that will help enrich people’s lives."


And he hasn't changed that outlook since then. A couple of quotes from his recent editorial on the Samsung Newsroom (from which I've shamelessly "borrowed" the title); an editorial where he touches on the past, present, and future of Samsung Mobile:


"Fifty years ago, Samsung Electronics was founded with a clear purpose: to use the power of technology to create a better world. Driven by our commitment to break down barriers and make what some thought impossible, possible."


"Now, here at the start of 2020, we are excited about the opportunity to define a new era. An era that is defined not simply for innovation’s sake but to truly enable experiences that are more personal, meaningful, private and secure; that will create more intelligent connections across devices, people, businesses, and communities."


Sounds pretty good, yeah?


(BTW, along with meeting our new boss, I still want to meet DJ Koh. Anyone out there who can arrange that?)

I have been able to see him close last week tuesday at unpacked! :smiling-face: TM Roh looks like a great inspiring leader who tells the story with an enormous amount of enthusiasm, its clear that he has passion at his job \o/

Perhaps a small insight most people don't know: Samsung is actually a family-owned company ^-^ Even though its huuuuge. :face-with-tears-of-joy:

I am confident that Samsung will continue to grow and innovate and more importantly, slowly but surely master new skills and get new heights (Remember how people loathed touchwiz but love one UI? I wonder what is next! :smiling-face: ). Every year I believe that the boundry has been met but somehow.... Samsung pushes boundaries year after year :smiling-face: