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New Zealand Repair Support

(Topic created on: 25-05-2023 10:13 PM)
New Zealand Service
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I cannot believe how bad the repair support service is in New Zealand.  I have been without a washing machine for three weeks.  The authorized repair service does not answer their phones and does not respond to emails.    It took a week for a technician to do a call-out and then a week of silence.  Eventually (after 42 calls of no answer), I got hold of someone, approved a quote, and paid in advance for the repair.    I was told the parts are in the warehouse in Auckland, so it should not take long.  Then another week of silence.    Today I got a message via text "We are waiting for a part; if you have an issue with this, contact Samsung". 

Can't they at least provide a timeline - a much more customer-centric message would have been - we ordered a part for you and it has to come from Korea and we will unfortunately have a delay for up to a week"

In summary:  The authorized NZ repairs team has ZERO customer-centric focus - they just don't care about the customer or Samsungs reputation!!!!!!



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I really do sympathise with you as a washing machine is an important machine needed almost if not every day.

I wish you well with getting this resolved @New Zealand Service 

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Not to pass the buck, but you may be better off posting int he New Zealand Community :smiling-face: New Zealand - Samsung Members


I feel you though, hopefully you get this sorted!

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