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Unfathomably Horrible Customer Service!

(Topic created on: 26-01-2023 08:59 PM)
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First and foremost, I need to comment that no one, that is not one single individual that I have communicated with within the Samsung organization has had a pleasant demeanor. It is clear to me, that Samsung is not a good company to work for. You can tell that the people who work for Samsung are miserable as ****! Please understand that I am not exaggerating about this. No one I've spoken to has been cheery, pleasant, or fun to work with!

Secondly, Samsung employs people in its so-called "office of the president" that repeatedly and systematically lie to customers. One of the guys that I dealt with, who claimed to be a manager in the "office of the president," probably sits in a basement somewhere with about 1000 other "managers," who also lie to customers systematically. Since I've been dealing with this TV repair fiasco with Samsung, I have received the same "copy and paste" email from this so-called manager that said he tried to reach me by phone but was unable to. I never got any missed calls or voicemails from this bald-faced liar.

The TV was sent to a repair facility and after a week or so it was returned to me completely unrepaired. It had the same ***** problem it had before I sent it in. I spent an hour on the phone troubleshooting with a very rude tech-support representative who told me that I should send it in and ask to have the Wi-Fi card replaced. This is the repair that the facility claimed to have made.

I sent emails to the five top executives at Samsung America. Not one was replied to. I sent physical letters to the same executives. Not one was replied to. It is clear to me that Samsung does not give a rat's a** about Customer Service. If you have a Samsung product and it needs repair or Tech Support, do yourself a favor and just chuck it in the trash and go and buy a product from a different company even if it cost more.

It's just not worth dealing with Samsung. It is so freaking depressing! Samsung clearly has the worst customer service on this planet!


Hello @sam-sungBlows,


Well, I dunno about it not being a nice place to work. I’ve worked for Samsung UK & Ireland for nearly nine years and everyone I’ve met who works for Samsung is at the very least a friendly, pleasant individual. (And that hasn’t always been the case in some of the places I’ve worked.) I’ve not met anyone from Samsung America, so I can’t say if that’s true for them too.


Being UK-based, me and the rest of the team who look after this Community wouldn’t be able to do more in this instance than wish you the best and hope that the situation gets sorted for you. Also, whilst all are welcome here, (and in case you were unaware), there’s a Samsung US Community if you want to connect and share your experience and thoughts with folks more stateside: 

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@sam_sungBlows I think that is a bit of sweeping statement. whilst acknowledging that you may not have had a great experience think it is unlikely all Samsung US staff have the demeanour you describe. Hope the situation will be sorted out though. However there are different sorts within all organisations and customers need to vent sometimes.

It is not my experience of UK staff and those I have dealt with whether online, via calls or in person have generally been friendly and helpful.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

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I have noticed, for quite a while, this type of complaint about Samsung. A customer sends in a device for repair, it comes back in the same condition with a repair claim from Sammy. Maybe its time to do an investigation, Samsung.