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Samsung not follow its own warrant terms and conditions!

(Topic created on: 15-11-2021 08:00 PM)
First Poster

Just very disappointed about how easy Samsung can broke its own warranty terms and conditions. Samsung Ireland customer support just explained me that Samsung European warranty not work in Ireland!? Looks like Ireland not in Europe Union anymore!
So everybody from now must know, that if you by mistake buy any Samsung product in any European Union country, you MUST TO PAY FOR WARRANTY REPAIR IF YOU WANT TO FIX IT IN IRELAND! They don't care even if European warranty terms and conditions on Samsung website saying that - "European Consumers who are using a product in a country in the European Economic Area and Switzerland (“Europe”) which was first purchased in another country in Europe can obtain warranty services. The period of the warranty and the warranty service provided will be those of the country in Europe where the warranty claim is made."
I have this experience and think that this case must go to court to fight for Europe Union Customers rights.

Uath TeQuiet

Try to send an email to the Technical Service of the country where you bought the device explaining that it is hurried and you are out of that country, and if it is possible you can send the device to someone by postal mail to carry the device to the technical service to fix under warranty. Or try to explain to the Technical Service that you will send by mailing the device and all data necessary as an Invoice copy inside the box. Take pictures before the transport. Surely you will pay a carrier to home back, but it is difficult, you decide.